Coffee talk

I’m going to get Lasik. When I watched my husband’s procedure a few years ago, I decided that was just too nasty for me and I would wear glasses forever. Glasses that get more and more expensive every year because I have progressive lenses, and anti-glare coating, and transition. I can go without the transition, but I need the other stuff. Glasses, even with cheap frames from Walmart, are now around $500. Sheesh.

I’ve been in glasses since I was twelve. I hated them, especially when my sister made fun of me. She dogged me for being a 4-eyes, and how much prettier I was without them. Now that she’s in her 50’s she has to wear glasses if she wants to see. The things we hate we become. (My one deep thought for the day.)

Earlier that year, when I turned twelve, Mom showed me how to wear makeup. I have light brown eyelashes. She and my sister have red eyelashes. We NEED mascara or we have no eyes. We NEVER leave the house without makeup. I had two C-sections wearing waterproof mascara. My ex-husband NEVER saw me without my eyes on.

My new husband loves me no matter what. (New. We’ve been married almost twenty years.) He loves me with greasy hair and furry legs. He loves me with crooked teeth and wrinkles. He loves me when I’m glammed up or even completely natural, a size 8 or a size 14. It is WONDERFUL to be accepted!

Getting Lasik means I’ll have 20/20 vision for distance, but I’ll need readers for, well, reading. Perfect vision! I’ll be able to see everything clearly! I once had contacts that had my eyes at 20/15, which was absolutely amazing. Everything, leaves, stars, flowers, were diamond sharp. It was magical.

Over time, though, allergies and presbyopia ruined my ability to wear contacts. It’s sort of nice that glasses are in fashion and worn ironically. No one calls me 4 Eyes to my face.


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