That old watch from the mystery drawer

Several years ago, I finally got around to taking my Casio watch to a watch repair guy at the mall. All I needed was a battery but the fellow didn’t have any. It was an old watch lost in a mystery drawer long enough to become obsolete. The jeweler was working on a watch and asked me if I’d buy it for ten bucks. It said Rolex. Of course it was some odd knock-off, but it a good deal at ten dollars.

I got a kick wearing something that, from a distance, looked like something it wasn’t. I work with people who think nothing of buying an eight thousand dollar (or more) Rolex that they actually wear in public. I can’t imagine! It’s a crazy world in which kids are killed for sneakers. I can only imagine what bandits would do for an expensive watch on the arm of a little old woman like me.

It wasn’t long before my knock-off stopped working and was buried in the mystery drawer with the Casio and a Zune.

This weekend my search for a camera cord wound up in the mystery drawer. Buried under papers, pens, a Zune, some Beanie Babies, and a kazoo was my forgotten Rolex. Well! How about that? It just needed a battery, the stem replaced, and it could again amuse me.

I went to jeweler in town who had great Yelp reviews for being so helpful and honest.

He told me it would be ten bucks for the battery and twenty-five to fix the stem, but it wasn’t a real Rolex and why didn’t I just go buy a new watch? He happened to have shiny lady’s Rolex right there in the case for only two thousand dollars.

I left. I reburied my knock-off in the mystery drawer.

Sunday, my ginger son Christopher treated me to Mother’s Day lunch. He told me about his new success as a car salesman and his plans for the future. I told him about eating pulled pork tacos the previous morning at the farmer’s market and singing along with the live music duet. I related my dead Rolex story, and he looked me dead in the eye and told me he would buy me a Rolex if that was what I wanted, and then I could tell everyone my son gave it to me.

My son the Super Automotive Relationship Counselor! I love him to death.

What started out as a sad week of painfully missing my mom turned into one of the best Mother’s Day weekends I’ve had in years. Lunch with Chris on Sunday, and Mike took me to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” Saturday night.

My boys have grown into successful adults, which makes me very, very happy. I’ve done my job, which is way better than a Rolex.

Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here.


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